Monday, August 14, 2006

Denton Lund - Inspired Creator

Denton Lund's web page :

"Cambria" by Denton Lund

"I am continuously striving to stretch beyond my limitations and parameters in the process I use, in the themes I select, in the subjects I render, and in the colors I express in my paintings. Each act of painting, as it becomes more spontaneous, also becomes a satisfying journey of delight and discovery. Through my paintings, I seek to establish a connection with those who view my work so that they may also share in the journey. The paintings, themselves, form the bond between the artist and those who would view them."

I have viewed his art for years on the web. I've never been a collector of art because of the cost. If I were a collector this is an artist I would fill a room with for several reasons. He says that he seeks to establish a connection through his paintings through those who view them. He and his wife do more than that. His wonderfully creative and mostly southwestern and Native American art grabbed me in a mental embrace. I look and see vivid colors vibrant themes and mystical beauty. I once wrote and asked Denton permission to use his art on my first web page. Not only did I get an immediate positive response from his wife and I'm sure his inspiration but they also put a link on their web page back to mine. They send a greeting on holidays. The thing that struck me about the Lunds is that they work with a passion to give others life and inspiration. While it is a living to be a professional artist, this artist will always, in my mind, be one who gives his dreams to others so they can grow and see beauty of that mystical movement we call art.


©Paul Viel