Monday, July 28, 2008

Robert Schlegel - Not Bird houses Birds and Houses

I guess we all have favorites and Robert Schlegel was definitely mine one Friday night in May. Robert Schlegel was kind enough to pose with a set of four smaller birds. I was drawn to this one because the birds are the ones we see at our feeders every year [not not the exact same birds but the same species.

Robert's work reminds me of a term used more often for food than art but it is very appropriate here. This is definitely "comfort art" much the same way my mother's home cooking was and Sharyn's is today "comfort food." Art can hit people different ways and these images of birds and homes were very special. It's a little like Deja Vu looking at the soft yet brilliant colors and feeling, well, comfortable.

Just as we find comfort in rural pastoral settings Robert's homes from a city seem to blend into the soul and tickle the mind.

He shows us the beauty in simplicity and it is more than marks of paint on canvas there is detail in the simplicity that transforms the images into thoughtful look back in time, at least for me.

Houses I am sure I've seen in Louisiana, California, Montana or one of the many Midwestern cities and towns I have passed through in my life all start to find their way back to me as I walk slowly through the Karin Clarke Gallery a representative for his work here in Eugene Oregon.

Birds and...

... houses all great - Thank you Robert. You can visit Roberts Personal Web Page by clicking here or typing


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