Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sarkis Antikajian

Maude Kerns had another opening. It was Sarkis Antikajian a local and well known artist.

Sarkis is not only well known and well respected as an artist he is also a very fine person who is quick to smile and offer help to other artists. I had met Sarkis months ago in the parking lot at Tamarack Health Center where the Plein Air Artist Group was having a show.

Maude Kerns Art Center was doing a retrospective on Sarkis' wonderful works.

This is a great self portrait hung at the entrance of the gallery.

I was most impressed by the variety of works from Oil to Sculpture with a wide variety of themes from Still life to...

... the human form.

There was this wonderful clay and ...

... this colorful image of a man at a table with a spray bottle.

There was man with dog...

... and man reclining.

From black and white ink figures to ...

... and men in a field...

... and I really liked these eerie white trees in a rainbow of background colors.

I liked the girl with sunflowers I think mostly for the focal emphasis on the subject and the nondescript yet colorful background.

I think this was my favorite, a casual look at a girl at rest.

As I got to the back part of the Maude Kerns Center I saw these very unique Tulips caught perfectly in the natural light of the window.

Next to them was a book...

...changing focus I could see Sarkis also had a book on display.

Before leaving I got a picture of one more sculpture. This is a small sample of Sarkis' works for more information visit his website [Click Here] and be prepared to be impressed.

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