Monday, November 27, 2006

Adele Aldridge

Hexagram one

In the First place
I am like a hidden dragon
and cannot act.
My creative force
is still within.
I am not yet recognized.
I remain true to myself
uninfluenced by failure
or success while I wait
for my own ripe time.

Denton & Sandra Lund
sent this image along from Adele Aldridge. Adele has been working on this concept for awhile. Adele said,
"I said there was a story here so will explain a bit. I have been in an on-going process of creating my own interpretation of the I Ching - from a Woman's perspective, of course for years. I began the work over 30 years ago and that makes me cringe to say so."
Well Adele you have done a terrific job with the concept. Without knowing the story behind this image I wrote back to Sandra Lund "There is a tie between nature and beauty expressed there. ". So Adele I think that means you nailed the concept very well.

Adele reminds us all that our minds contain wonderful and unique treasures full of beauty and fantasy and that we should dig deeply to share that treasure with others. I just love this image that expresses so much about the nature of humanity, the strength of the feminine being and the beauty of our world. Thank you Adele for the chance to show your creation.

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