Saturday, April 21, 2007

Denton Lund Revisited

Echos of the Old Men
copyright Denton Lund

I am constantly amazed by the amazing work of Denton Lund. Earlier on this blog I shared another work of Denton but I have to admit I visit his page from time to time and the last visit I was struck by the depth of his work as a visionary whose art is truely a reflection of a deeply spiritual soul on fire. He takes us to a place in the past with his "Echos of the Old Ones" to the beginnings of history and our ties to this earth. To the ones who lived with nature and led great American Nations that thrived long before the European arrived. Please visit his website for a wonderful experience and opportunity to place his work in your home.

On a personal note - I have begun a website for my photography starting with some of my images of flowers.

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